Short Term Medical Insurance

SGIC’s Short Term Medical Insurance provides the safety net you need, at an affordable cost, when you just want temporary coverage to bridge the gap during times of transition. You choose your level of commitment and coverage, you can keep your preferred healthcare provider, and you can get peace of mind knowing you’re protecting your finances from unexpected medical bills.


  • Customizable plan — choose the packaged plan that fits your situation and budget — plans have a range of deductibles, coinsurance level, and term, starting at 30 days
  • Flexible medical insurance with low, affordable premiums and quick approvals
  • No open/special enrollment restrictions — apply for insurance when you need it and start coverage almost immediately


  • Someone between jobs and who wants a temporary alternative to COBRA insurance
  • Young people coming off their parents’ insurance, college students, or recent graduates
  • Someone who just got a new job and is waiting for benefits to begin
  • Retirees under 65, not yet eligible for Medicare, and in good health
  • Any healthy person who wants short-term catastrophic coverage in case of an accident or sudden illness


  • Hospital room, board, and general nursing services
  • Intensive or critical care services and expenses
  • Miscellaneous inpatient and outpatient hospital services and expenses including operating and treatment rooms, drugs, anesthesia, diagnostic services, etc.
  • Inpatient and outpatient surgeon services
  • Outpatient hospital surgery or ambulatory surgical center charges and outpatient hospital miscellaneous expenses (x-rays, lab tests, medical equipment)
  • Home health care, extended care, and hospice
  • Emergency room treatment
  • Surgical expenses for knee, joint, and tendon surgery; gallbladder disorder and kidney stones; and appendectomy.
  • Physician office visits, including visits to an urgent care facility
  • Wellness visit and telephone and video consultations
  • Ambulance transportation services
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy services
  • Organ, tissue, or bone marrow transplants
  • AIDS inpatient and outpatient hospital expenses
  • Serious mental disorders and substance abuse
  • Mammography screenings
  • Treatment of physical complications of mastectomy and mastectomy protheses
* Coverage varies by plan and by state

The information presented above is a brief description of the important features of this insurance plan. It is not an insurance contract. Actual benefits are determined by the terms and conditions of your policy and certificate alone. The plan described here does not constitute comprehensive health insurance (often referred to as “major medical coverage”) and does not satisfy a person’s individual obligation to secure the requirement of minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). For more information about the ACA, please refer to


A.M. Best has assigned a Financial Strength Rating of B++ (Good) and a Long-Term Issuer Credit Rating of “bbb” to SGIC, a newly formed U.S. insurer that is part of Premier Servicing, LLC. (Premier).


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